The shop

Do you do mail order?

Yes, please call us and we are happy to post items to you.

Can I get my instrument valued with you?

Yes you can. We provide written insurance valuations for instruments for a fee. We do not provide valuations for private sales.

Do you buy second hand instruments?

Yes we do. Please bring it to the shop where you may be asked to leave it. This is so we can evaluate them and get back to you with an offer.

Do I need to make an appointment if I want to come in?

It is not always necessary to make an appointment to see us. For Student Hire, general shop sales and to book in repairs you can drop in at any time. If you are looking to buy an instrument, we would always ask that you make an appointment. We have a practise room and like to be able to provide you with the space to try instruments in your chosen price range. It also gives us time to prepare a good selection for you to view. If you are planning to visit us on a Saturday, we would advise that you phone ahead as it is probably our busiest day!

Do you sell sheet music?

No we don’t.