Out with old; in with the new…

Christmas and New Year can be a busy time for some musicians – New Year’s Eve was always “THE” gig to have booked in months before. Often a glamorous location and always well paid.

So it was.

From the Ridiculous…

We recently had both ends of our customers’ New Years Eve situations here. The first was the hire of a double bass for a well known band to perform at an exclusive beach resort in the middle of Paradise.


Truth be known the cost of hiring & transporting the instrument was going to be more expensive than if the organisers had actually purchased their own instrument. No matter. This is what was wanted so that is what they got. The gig was a fabulous success and many beautiful people will have had a great time with absolutely no regard to the cost of the bass.

…to the Ridiculous!

Meanwhile back in the real world…


We know of many incredible, talented musicians who didn’t actually have a gig this New Year. World-class musicians sitting in watching Jools show (recorded some weeks previously!) or some comedy repeat. As opposed to the Hotel Paradise the local Palais de Danse stopped paying for live musicians some time ago. Why bother when a disco or Karaoke will do. Maybe if you are lucky you might get a sing-a-like tribute act with their backing tracks?

Onwards & upwards…

For us the New Year is often a very busy time. Lots of customers looking for a better instrument. Lots of educational instruments as students and teachers go back to school or college. Repairs and rehairs for professionals starting the new season. A late Christmas present perhaps.

This year we also have the added job of populating our new website. It has been a while in the making and everyone involved has been brilliant.

A special thank you, though, to Mr & Mrs I. Axton of Hertford who have really gone the extra mile.


So here is to 2015 – may it be all that you hope for…